Carmelo Anthony Lakers

Posted by puguh on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Lakers. Related searches in google trends are carmelo anthony, carmelo anthony trade, carmelo, carmelo anthony knicks, andrew bynum. Remember the recent rumors that the LA Lakers could trade Ron Artest? Deny it all you want, but there are new rumors that the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets are kicking around the idea of creating small forward Carmelo Anthony (notes), Lakers material. That being said, the trade potential of the Lakers-Nuggets come with a fairly significant set of barbs and hooks.

Carmelo Anthony Lakers

Referring to the “sources”, ESPN that for Carmelo Anthony / Lakers trade going forward, the team of Los Angeles, to part with someone other than Artest. If the unnamed sources to believe, Lamar Odom (notes) is safe, too, on whether to lift the Lakers Jersey and moved to Denver. The same can be said about Andrew Bynum (notes). If the Lakers and Nuggets continue their discussions, making Carmelo Anthony a player the Lakers could only occur with the loss of Bynum’s.

Anthony signed a $ 80-million contract with the Nuggets, which expires this year. At the signing time in 2006, he announced that Denver was where he wanted to be;. “Whole country embraced me, that this love of the festival seems to have cooled off in the Mile High City, but the city of angels is not necessarily the final destination for this player . Until now, New York is held the greatest attraction for Anthony.

If the Lakers go ahead and consider the trade Bynum? Of course, it gets very painful and statistics Anthony look better on paper, but what about team chemistry? What about Pau Gasol (notes) (whose most recent poor performance has put him in the crosshairs of the chair hoopsters across the Golden State)?

The decisive factor – although anyone considering trading Lakers will not say out loud – this is Kobe Bryant (notes). It’s safe to say that Black Mamba is almost untouchable when it comes to roster changes. Any trade the Lakers have to jelly with the personality and style of play Bryant .

From my point of view, Carmelo Anthony Lakers material? Um, no. Anthony can be very aggressive player (hence his stats), but Bryant. Putting two aggressive alpha male on the team is likely to lead to the locker room brawls and Courtside hostility, which makes Anthony the mongoose to the Mamba Bryant. It would only guess where this kind of trade the Lakers take command.

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