Edie Falco: Stunning Or No?

Posted by puguh on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Edie Falco: Stunning Or No?. There are some people that are on the fence about this actress. While some of the people think she is a great gal and all there are some that think she really tried to over do it at the Grammys. Maybe things were toned down a little bit at the SAG Awards but not too much. Edie Falco was in red – again.

I will have to say that red is my favorite color but I’m not sure about on Edie Falco. There are some actresses that you are excited to see in a sexy red dress but Nurse Jackie? If you were a fan of her outfits then I’m very sorry but it just reminds me of seeing my mother in and outfit like that. Edie Falco isn’t pulling off the younger look as good as she would like.

One cool thing about this lady is the fact that she was the first actress to win an Emmy for outstanding actress in a comedy and a drama. That’s quite an honor and she has been acting since 1987. There are plenty of years left for this actress. I hope that Edie Falco keeps going just not with the red dresses.

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