Download Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack Download

Posted by puguh on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Download Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack released date and download. First Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP weekend coming this weekend. The Call of Duty: Black Ops “First Strike” Map Pack downloadable content has been announced with a release date of February 1, 2011 worldwide exclusively for Xbox 360 1200 MSP or $15.

It will hit PC and PSN later in February.

First Strike is exactly what multiplayer fans of Black Ops are most looking-forward to, a new Map Pack. This time players will be happy to see four new regular maps and one new Zombie map.

The new maps are:

1. Berlin Wall
2. Discovery
3. Kowloon
4. Stadium
5. Ascension (Zombie)

Is your Call of Duty: Black Ops rank still not up to snuff? Well, worry not, you're in luck. To commemorate the launch of the First Strike DLC map pack, Treyarch is giving 360 owners a first-hand shot at their first scheduled double XP weekend, starting this weekend.

This was recently confirmed on the latest episode of Major Nelson's podcast by Treyarch's own David Vonderhaar and Josh Olin.

The First Strike map pack is available for download tomorrow, exclusively for the Xbox 360, for 1200 MS points.

Here is the new trailer.

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