Verecund: Say What?

Posted by puguh on Saturday, January 15, 2011

Verecund: Say What?. It seems that there is a massive interest in this word right now. The searches on Google are going crazy for this word because of people that are interested in finding out what this word means. Why are so many people searching for this term? The term that is driving the search results crazy is Verecund.

Verecund is not a very common word at all. It simply means modest, shy or bashful. These are not words that describe very many people these days so many that is why we have not heard it before. Maybe I will start using the word verecund more after reading about it.

About the only time that I can find this word used is way back in 1850 in a news article. Are all of these fancy words necessary? Can’t we just say modest, shy or bashful? I don’t know, maybe verecund makes our language more colorful.

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