Maria Cino places third and surprises everyone

Posted by puguh on Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maria Cino places third and surprises everyone. Related searches in google trend are michael steele, reince priebus, rnc, reince priebus bio, reince priebus wiki Today, January 15, 2011 marks the day Maria Cino showed well at third in the voting for the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Political bloggers sound genuine surprised that she had garnered as many votes (32) as she had.

The fact that she has never been a former or present member of the committee (see the Politico Alive blog below) makes it even more noticeable.

It takes a majority of the 168 Committee members to be elected as Chairman.

Politico Alive tells us: Cino is a former RNC deputy chairwoman but is neither a current or former committee member, which makes her strong showing in a group prone to electing its own even more surprising.

Daily Postal reports: Although Maria Cino only finished third in the election for chairman of the Republican National Committee, she surprised everyone with her strength.

The Fix reveals: Steele endorsed former RNC official Maria Cino but it was Priebus who harvested most of the incumbent's support.

Reince Priebus, the Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman, took top honors with 97 votes to win.

Saul Anuzis, a Michigan Committeeman, placed at second with 43 votes.

Ex-VP Dick Cheney and House Speaker John Boehner let everyone know that their support was with Maria Cino.

Michael Steele, the then-present RNC Chairman withdrew at the then of the fourth ballot and declared his support for Maria.

Some bloggers revealed most of Michael’s supporters voted for someone other than Maria.

In the fifth ballot, she was temporarily in second place with 40 votes. Even with all that, the blogosphere was still surprised at Maria’s high vote.

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