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Mesothelioma Lawyers in San Diego. Welcome to San Diego. Did you know that there are not many cities in the United States of America that can be compared to San Diego in terms of healthy living conditions? This is of course because San Diego enjoys great weather for most of the year, which in turn encourages people to spend more time outdoors in the clean, fresh air. Fortunately for the residents of this fine city, the region is located in close proximity to mountains, desserts, lakes, and many other natural resources, which when combined, help to keep the air in San Diego clean and fresh.

So, with that said, is there really a need for mesothelioma lawyers San Diego? Unfortunate as it may be, the simple answer is yes. In stark contrast to being such a healthy city to live in, San Diego has the misfortune of having one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the country, and of course, mesothelioma is not only an extremely debilitating disease, but it's also fatal. With that in mind, mesothelioma lawyers San Diego are there for those who have been unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with this dreadful illness. Let's go ahead and take a look at the various stages a person goes through with the disease.

Initial Exposure

First and foremost, no one single cause has been proven to trigger the condition. However, it has been noted that everyone who suffers from this debilitating disease has something in common, in that they have all been exposed to asbestos at some point in their lives. Asbestos has in the past been used in numerous applications such as for insulation purposes for example. In fact, asbestos was widely used in the ship building industry and also in the building industry because of its excellent fire retardant properties.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been established to what extent a person needs to be exposed to asbestos before developing mesothelioma. In fact, nobody can say for sure how long you need to be exposed to asbestos in order to even be considered as being at risk. Because of this lack of knowledge regarding asbestos, people are generally advised to avoid it altogether, rather than put themselves at risk of developing such a crippling disease.

Development of Mesothelioma

In layman's terms, once the condition has begun developing, it is almost as if the body begins attacking itself. What we do know is that when asbestos fibers are inhaled by an individual they tend to become embedded in the lungs, or at least in the protective tissue which surrounds the lungs. As part of the body's natural defense mechanism, it tries to rid itself of these fibers but unfortunately it's not able to do so. At this point mucous membranes will begin forming around the fibers, and of course this means that the fibers end up getting locked even more securely into position. As these masses of mucous membranes or tumors continue to grow, so to do they begin to spread. Simply put, when the condition is at this stage, the person concerned could be considered to be suffering from a deadly form of cancer.

In a Nutshell

There is no cure for mesothelioma, and it's estimated that there are more than 2,500 Americans dying every year because of the disease. Alarmingly enough, once you have been diagnosed with the disease, death usually occurs within two years.


If you have been diagnosed with the disease, or if you know someone who has, then mesothelioma lawyers San Diego are there to help. After all, there's not much chance that you yourself were responsible for inhaling asbestos fibers, and contrary to what you may believe, employers have an obligation to provide their employees with a safe working environment. If they have failed you, then you may be entitled to compensation.

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