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Posted by puguh on Saturday, January 22, 2011

Download GTA Vice City Game Full Version Update. Here coming GTA Vice City Game Full Version. Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto: GTA Vice City section. Here is all the content that was originally on GTA Vice City Unleashed. Top GTA Vice City Discussions and User Reviews on IGN.

GTA3 was what I, and many others, would classify as a "damn good game". Sites raved about it. It picked up more awards than [enter something that gets lots of awards]. There's no doubting the impact GTA3 had on both the console and PC games market. But we can, and do, still criticise our beloved gaming masterpiece. GTA3 had its faults - minor faults - but enough for us to yearn for a sequel to fix the niggles. GTA3 was like your new-born baby who develops unfortunate bucked-teeth - we loved it to bits, but next-time, damnit, that kinds gonna get some early dentistry work.

And we didn't have to wait long for the next game to come our way. Vice City has been hyped as a whole new game, not just a sequel, and we're promised it will blow our mind. So before we get into the preview, lets list the general GTA3 criticisms we'd like to see rectified (the following were general complaints found on many-a review site)

On top of those improvements, a whole host of suggestions to improve gameplay were suggested. So lets delve into to the depths of Vice City, and see if we can expect a GTA3-beating sequel, or a lack-lustre re-hash.

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