Christian Slater is Alive and Well

Posted by puguh on Monday, January 31, 2011

Christian Slater is Alive & Well: Where is He Now?. What I want to know is, what is up with this odd fad of circulating rumors that noted celebrities have died in a skiing accident in Switzerland.

The rumors have had a slew of victims like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson and Charlie Sheen but they were not actually killed on the slopes, just the topic of an odd prank.The newest celeb to be killed on the internet via a skiing accident? Christian Slater. But is Christian Slater dead? There hasn’t been an official word from Slater’s camp, but odds are he is alive and well, and is somewhere, right now, promoting his new show Breaking In, “a security services workplace comedy” that stars Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, and Odette Yustman.

Seriously, why is someone putting the effort to start the rumors that all these random celebrities have died?

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