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Posted by puguh on Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wachovia Online. The recent attack on the banks initially encouraged fears that the free checks and free credit card would be the way of the dinosaurs go. This has not happened - yet - but, like a bubble, which, when pressed, pops up elsewhere, the bank found another way to slap customers with high costs - including much more expensive than a monthly or annual fee would have been the first place.

Long ago, I had to blow, to hit a bank fee - before spending the money in your account or payment delays. But now, customers do exactly what they have done over the years and continues to beat strong charges, if you are not listening.

"It is increasingly difficult to cost, if only to sit in one place to avoid," said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst at Bankrate.com. "It is important to be proactive, not only in monitoring the bank account, and adjustments can be set, but to find better alternatives," he said.

Banks behaving badly such a hot-button issue, the environmental group that used a marketing trick for Valentine's Day. Green America customers are encouraged to dump the banks of the various crimes -. "Questionable lending practices and outrageous bonuses for every penny of taxpayer funding of environmental law abuse charges" in the

The good news is that banks are required to be reported, if they make changes to your account to a bank account or credit card account. The bad news is that most of these notices as volatile read them all.

"The most important non-volatile" Said McBride. "If you will be sent to the fee schedule, it is because things have changed. ... This is a list of the costs of a menu, I thought."

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