Shelley Long and Matt Dillon on Modern Family

Posted by puguh on Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shelley Long and Matt Dillon on Modern Family. Eighties icon Shelley Long, 61, is choosing her TV and movie appearances carefully these days, so it's always a treat to see her on our screens -- especially when she appears on "Modern Family" as the inevitable pot-stirrer DeDe Pritchett, Mitchell and Claire's mother.

This time, she arrives (backed by ominous music) with Matt Dillon, who plays Robbie Sullivan, Claire's high school sweetheart. Apparently, when DeDe bumped into Robbie -- a limo driver -- she forgot to mention Claire's husband.

With a shaggy wig, an earring, and a four-pack of fuzzy navel wine coolers, Dillon looks every bit the nightmare ex-boyfriend. We don't blame Claire for the copious amounts of wine consumed throughout the half-hour episode as DeDe and Robbie reminisce about Claire's misspent youth... or when she busts DeDe and Robbie in a limo makeout sesh.

We hope Long returns to the show soon - along with "all the crazy in her arsenal." The best part? The full on linebacker tackle she lays on Gloria when she realizes the root of all her problems.

What'd you think of her return to the series and Dillon's debut as Robbie? Would you like to see her back more often? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on tonight's "Princess Party" episode!


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