Eden Wood - Good Morning America

Posted by puguh on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eden Wood's Good Morning America. Eden Wood's 'Good Morning America' Cutie Patootie Performance Gets Nyquil Treatment.

This slowed-down version of a Toddlers and Tiaras contestant singing a song about being insufferable is the "Gimme Pizza" of 2011. Her name is Eden Wood and she's The Worst.

Even the ladies at CBS's "The Talk," who are inundated daily with stupid bullcrap, can't seem to muster an ounce of enthusiasm for this tiny rapping beauty queen. Sharon Osbourne is all, "I founded f--king Ozzfest. What is my life?"

Rosie O'Donnell must be proud to see her catchphrase go viral in 2011. She invented "cutie patootie" right? Can I get a fact-check on that, Eliot?

Source: http://www.urlesque.com

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