You Are The Resistance Against The DHS Occupation Of America

Posted by puguh on Saturday, January 22, 2011

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When we are sitting in our nice and cozy homes we may not think that we are being occupied but it’s only a matter of time before we can visibly see what the government is doing. We must do something to stop this but what can we do? Some people are doing a V for Victory campaign to show that we are not being silent. Do you think the government’s control is going to lead to an obvious occupation of America?

The occupation of America has been forming for quite some time. Ever since Obama got into office things have just went down hill further and further. He is not for America is any way whatsoever and there are different posters that will be circulated to protest. One of the things that will be protesting are the V for victory posters and the Joker poster of Obama.

Are you going to allow America to be taken over and your life to change? You are resistance, there is no one else that can do anything about this. The airlines, bus lines and all the other transportation is being controlled by the department of homeland security. Even the constant signs, and insane laws are leading us to be more and more comfortable with the occupation of America.

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