Wiley s Winterfest at Great Wolf Lodge

Posted by puguh on Monday, January 31, 2011

Wiley’s Winterfest at Great Wolf Lodge. Longtime readers will know that we LOVE Great Wolf Lodge. This winter, Great Wolf Lodge has great fun for kids! It's called Wiley’s Winterfest...

Experience the excitement of Wiley’s Winterfest! Our 84-degree waterpark will be a great place to warm-up after enjoying snow showers inside our Grand Lobby three times each day. Children can master their art skills while making wintery crafts in the Cub Club room, And don’t forget Snowman U - a great program where kids earn magical snowflakes and their very own Snowploma!

Snowman U: Because it’s so much fun... Frosty has decided to open his newest school for snowmen here at the GWL. The Snow U instructors are looking for the perfect boys/girls to complete their training and learn the fine art of working with the “Snowball”. All you have to do is complete five courses and earn you five magical snowflakes to bring to the Cub Club to receive your “Snowploma”, tokens to the arcade and a Snowman U graduation prize. To earn your Snowploma you must obtain all of the magical snowflakes.

* CUB CLUB – make your own magical snowflake keepsake to earn your magic snowflake.
* FRONT DESK – Color your own snowman picture to earn your magic snowflake.
* WOLF WALK – Learn about winter animals to earn your magic snowflake.
* STORY TIME – Attend Story Time to listen to wintery books to earn your magic snowflake.
* WATERPARK –Take a ride down a slide to be sure you don’t melt. Receive your magic snowflake
* from the Wiley’s Safety Club lifeguard (at the front of the waterpark).

Graduation Gift: When children graduate from Snowman U, they will redeem their graduation gift in the Cub Club. Gift should be a snowflake or snowman craft (Lodge choice), a voucher for 8 arcade tokens, and the “Snowploma”.

Wiley's Winterfest at Great Wolf Lodge through February - check your desired Great Wolf Lodge location for exact dates.

For more information, please see: http://www.greatwolf.com/

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