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Watch Winter X Games 2011 Live Online Free. 2011 Winter X Games Start Today: 4 Athletes to Watch in Aspen. The 2011 Winter X Games kicked off today in Aspen, Colo., bringing hundreds of action sports athletes to the Rocky Mountains for four days of heart-pumping feats.

Winter X Games 2011: Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White gets behind wheel of rally car before games

Shaun White crushed it on the course.

A set of orange cones, that is, plowing over them after getting behind the wheel of a Viper drift machine as he took lessons from a rally car racer.

By his own admission, the two-time Olympic halfpipe gold medalist doesn't have the best track record as a driver, once crashing his Lamborghini into a tree, totaling the car.

Still, he's learning the ropes of auto racing with a possible eye toward competing one day.

For the moment, White will limit his competitions to snowboarding, where he's always in the driver's seat.

The undisputed king of the pipe, White will go for a fourth straight Winter X Games title over the weekend. This won't be an easy undertaking, especially since he's spent little time working on his tricks since winning gold in convincing fashion at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

His schedule has simply been that busy as he's made appearances on shows such as Conan O'Brien and made the rounds promoting his new skateboarding video game.

White recently spent a few days in Park City, Utah, during the height of the Sundance Film Festival, having the halfpipe basically to himself with most taking in movies.

That block of time did the trick, raising his confidence heading into Winter X. White was able to practice pieces of his famed Double McTwist 1260, the most unpredictable and dangerous trick in his arsenal, a trick that few in the world would even have the capability of attempting.

"I feel like I've pushed my halfpipe to the point where I could slowly progress and still stick with the pack," White said in an interview Wednesday night at an Oakley event.

Not that he's content in simply sticking with the pack. He wants to keep pushing the envelope as he did with the McTwist, a move in which he launches himself 15-to-20 feet above the halfpipe, then does two head-over-heels flips and 3 1/2 rotations.

"It's one of those things where if I didn't feel the need to keep pushing it and keep trying to learn new tricks and go bigger and spin more and flip more, I'd probably just stop," White said. "It's something that's inside of me that I want to get better."

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