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Scelestious. Related searches in google trends are celestial, scelestic. Glee is set to return to the television airwaves and true to its scelestious nature, the bared lad show will feature steamy lockeroom fornication between high is, all set to frilly song numbers in the most dank and exotic of perverted cadence.

It is sad that those truly possessed of Satan march to the beat of their own drum, so it is not surprising that the post-Superbowl episode of Glee’s leaked footage shows children dressed up in ‘Thriller” style Michael Jackson outfits.

Between all the blood, body stains and tears ground into the outfit of these children, it is hard to tell what are actually bodily injuries that occurred from the most sweaty of exploitive grinding antics, no remorse for the brainwashed child victims of this Hollywood production by the show’s producers.

The backroom horrors these children must face spill out onto the scene: look at the comfort with which number 3 has when 80 places his hand right above his cup, as if this a requirement in grueling practice sessions, where they have to shoot this scene again and again in varying degree if duress, distress and undress.

Believe what you will about the innocence of Michael Jackson, but in the mind of society invocation of that name now does not go without the thought of exploited children. How fitting and bold of Glee, to now be so forward in having all of these child victims — with a fate no better than band of drunken Delta Gamma’s stumbling their way through rural Thailand in teasing short skirts — perform the hit song by a man who is said to have plied his young child home guests with “Jesus Juice” as they frolicked in bed.

Parents, Glee is a show that will tempt your child to frolic inthe bed of fate with all the worst of possibilities: drugs, coke-fueled tickle sessions at slumber parties, perhaps culminating in a bizarre melody of lesbian antics, a lifetime of low self-esteem leading to exploitation and pregnancy. What worse of a nightmare can a parent ask?

Our longtime colleague and moral leader Stephenson Billings has alerted millions to the danger of Glee, exposing this show at its root. We see the show’s producers are not deterred, as parents allow their children to continue to be corrupted by this show and even worse, contribute to its Nielsen ratings.

The show premieres after the Super Bowl. We are at a vital crux point: if the show is boycotted and not watched, it will be a coup de grac. A deathblow to a hotbed of perversions and den of the most carnal of iniquities. Let us stand up, American parents, and deliver our children from the rhythmically fluttering fingers of this show’s producers, as they anxiously type up script after script that sends Satan into the deepest throes of ecstasy as he knows the molesting horrors that await your child in the deepest bowels of hell, in more ways than one.

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