NHL Presents The Guardian Project

Posted by puguh on Monday, January 31, 2011

NHL Presents The Guardian Project. The NHL has teamed up with comic book legend Stan Lee to create what they're calling "The NHL Guardian Project." Essentially, Stan Lee is creating unique superheros for every NHL team. The "guardians" which protect each NHL city will be then written into a comic series complete with supervillains bent on world domination.

It's odd. There's no two ways about that. I'm a person who gets into comic books and honestly I don't get the point of this... but I suppose you have to appreciate the NHL trying to do something different to help promote the league. I suppose the hope here is to connect with younger fans? Personally, when I think of athlete super heroes... I think of the old "Pro Stars" Saturday morning cartoon. You remember that one right? Where Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan & Bo Jackson (lets play a game of "which one is not like the other?!") team up to fight crime?

Yeah, that awesome when I was 10 years old.

Below is the video of one of the first heroes to be revealed, "The Flyer" which includes some video of the orange and black superhero flaying around in Philadelphia. Oh and "The Flyer" carries with him a titanium Eagle named "Wanamaker." Get it?

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