news Obama Gun Grabbing: Alex Jones Cries Havoc

Posted by puguh on Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama Gun Grabbing: Alex Jones Cries Havoc. I do love me some conspiracy theory, but the latest from Infowars on the Obama gun grab is simply ridiculous. The video in which Jones made this claim was posted January 14th, but is getting a second life today in blogs.

He’s accusing the government’s ‘social engineers’ of trying to disarm Americans. After the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, bloggers saw something that wasn’t there, literally, in Obama’s failure to address the 2nd amendment and gun ownership in the State of the Union address. They believe that Loughner’s apparent insanity plea will be the catalyst by which the U.S. government will finally outlaw guns.

This is simply hysterics playing out in the form of conspiracy theory.

The citizen spy network, on the other, hand (as it is termed by Infowars followers) is related to the V for Victory campaign, for which there are more than a few non-fringe conspiracy theory sympathizers.

Nobody wants their fellow citizens spying, watching every little move in some version of the Oceania government in Orwell’s “1984.” And so the Aleister Crowley-inspired V for Victory campaign serves its purpose as a nice little reminder that many people would prefer the government to fuck off. But the reality is that most Americans hardly have the time or inclination to spy on one another, unless they’re from a small town or given to that sort of behavior in the first place.

Experiment, if you will. Walk out into your city streets and realize that most people could care less what you are up to, and that you aren’t Truman Burbank living in the Seahaven dome with masses of people watching.

Yes, we don’t want to encourage a nation of would-be spooks and narcs, but it’s not as if spies lurk around every street corner waiting for your latest transgression.

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