Kim Richards Alcoholic

Posted by puguh on Friday, January 21, 2011

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Is Kim Richards alcoholic? On the episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that aired January 20, 2011, Kyle Richards accused Kim of being an alcoholic after a night of emotional boozing at Taylor Armstrong’s 39th birthday party. “You are a liar, and sick, and alcoholic. You are an alcoholic. That’s right. I said it and everybody knows.”

The bitter fight on the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills finale that led to 'delusional' and 'alcoholic' Kim Richards going to rehab.

After a season of drama, fights and heartbreak the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills season finale was by far the most shocking episode yet.

In a crazy turn of events an explosive fight between sisters Kyle and Kim Richards resulted in Kim's family checking her into rehab.

What began as a friendly party to celebrate Taylor's birthday turned into a group fight amongst the women while the husbands stood around in shock.

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