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Posted by puguh on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AB CUTS, Speaking of spouses, Wilkinson was not surprised that his ex has recently proposed to his current live in girlfriend, 24, Crystal Harris. However, the news was obviously a blow for Holly Madison, who dated Play Boy founder for six years, but finished the novel in 2008 when it became clear he was not ready to produce the coveted diamond.

“I feel like it (Hef) is making a hasty decision. I’m not sure Crystal is the best thing for him,” said a stunned Madison Life & Style. “They could end up divorcing, and she could take half his money. “

But Wilkinson said the magazine mogul did not marry because Madison, although well into his 80s, he just was not ready to settle down.

“It’s just life, and it shows when a guy is not ready, a guy is not ready,” she said. “It does not matter what age you are.” Hef was too young! ”

And although Wilkinson is only 25, he has always been a battle to bring this pre-baby body – “. Potion Magic” Well, that was until she discovers a metabolism-stimulating

“When I received approval six weeks by the doctor (after childbirth), I worked and dieted but I did not pay attention to my metabolism,” she said. “But in the course recent months, I focused on my metabolism with Ab supplement santé”’Morceaux and it was unbelievable, my magic potion! Metabolism is the reminder I needed. ”

The girl Play Boy cover says it is now lost all her pregnancy pounds – all sixty of them.

“It took me sixty pounds, but he was sixty pounds unhealthy. I learned my lesson from that. Yes, the pregnancy of course you get cravings, but the next time my body tells me to eat a whole lot brownie, I’ll slap me, “added Wilkinson. “I can not wait to get pregnant again, but I want to kiss my hump, not fat.”

Mike Jerrick 29 when Fox said he had a bone to pick with her about whether she is a fan of Eagles, “she replied,” I was a fan even before Hank was in the team. ”

“I always liked the Eagles and even if, you know, the business is a business – I mean, things will happen,” she said. “We still, you know, Hank and Me we were on the couch rooting for the Eagles this weekend. And, you know, we’re still fans. ”

The reality TV star said it took a whole year to lose weight after childbirth, but said: “I’m back to size zero. But it is a zero winding, you know? It’s not like a very, very nasty, thin scratch. But I’m back to size zero and I feel good. I feel better than ever and, you know. ”

She gave credit to a health supplement called “AB cuts.”” She was on the cover of “In Touch Weekly in a bikini in November.

Asked whether more women than men watch his show, “Wilkinson said they do, noting that men often come to her saying their girlfriends and wives to watch.

Last Sunday was the final season of his show.

Asked about the decision to marry Hefner, Wilkinson said, “I mean, hey, if he wants to marry, is his decision, I mean, you know? If that happy to want to marry so I’m happy for him. But, you know, it’s just weird that -. I really thought it would be Holly is just weird that it was not Holly … I do not really know this girl, so I cannot really. But if nothing feels it is happy. – If it is there for the money, so you know, we, though – hey … if he is happy with that, then he is happy with that. ”

Asked if it’s weird to have another girl to come in because they are all so similar, “Wilkinson said:” I do not care. ”

She added, “I’m happy where I am right now it’s like, you know, high school and that kind of mixture of day and sometimes together, and I’m just like -. I am married with a son now. ”


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