Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska Heads Warta Poznan Club

Posted by puguh on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska Heads Warta Poznan Club. Related search in google trend are Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska, Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska Poznan, Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska photo. One of Poland’s oldest clubs, Warta Poznan, is now taken over by 33-year-old Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska. What is more interesting is that Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska was once on the covers of Playboy, as “Playmate of the year” in 2001, and other adult magazines.

Izabela Lukomska PyzalskaShe is pledging to run a tight ship to try to save Warta from relegation.

Lukomska-Pyzalska told the rolling news channel TVN24 she was unfazed by Poland’s macho football scene.

“This isn’t a problem for me. It’s my meat and drink,” she said.

Lukomska-Pyzalska currently runs a real estate and construction firm in the western Polish city.

“That’s hardly a woman’s world either,” she noted.

“I worked as a model a good few years ago. I’ve been in construction and property development for five years. In those five years we’ve become one of Poznan’s leading developers. I think I can achieve the same in football,” she said.

Source : dailypostal.com

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