House of Anubis Nickelodeon

Posted by puguh on Sunday, January 2, 2011

House of Anubis Nickelodeon. Do you like a movie?? do not worry this is a your favorite movie in here. That call "House of Anubis". You must watch House of Anubis in Nickelodeon. Do't miss it. Ejoy your times.

Video: House of Anubis HD Movie Trailer

There's a brand new show on Nickelodeon that looks like a British version of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. House of Anubis is sure to be your new favorite series. It's about eight students at a boarding school in England dealing with the usual teenage dramas.

On top of that, they have to deal with a mystery. House of Anubis has been a big hit in Europe, and now Nickelodeon is taking it to the U.S. The show premieres this Saturday on January 1st at 8pm on Nickelodeon. Check out the trailer below and get excited for your first obsession of 2011.

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