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Debbie Gibson Mega Python vs Gatoroid. Recently I was lucky enough to be a part of a Q&A Interview with the 80’s teen sensation Debbie Gibson. She is all grown up and now starring in the Syfy channel made for TV film Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. She was awesome and it was a thrill to speak with the lady whose music I loved growing up.

Q. Can you talk about what it’s been like after all these years to still be connected to Tiffany and now be doing a movie together?
A. Back in the day we were both kind of running so fast that running just as fast as we can to coin a phrase. We would cross paths, doing a TV show here or there or whatever. But it was really like ships in the night. This was a chance for us to really work together. I definitely developed a lot of admiration for Tiffany, her abilities, her work ethic and besides that we just had a crazy good fun. Like at one point we were ducked under a table slathered in like whipped cream and banana cream pie and we looked at each other and went what is going on here? We’ve been put in the same sentence forever and ever. We’re well aware that there are definite pop-culture fans out there that have wanted us to collaborate on something for a long time and we’re just happy to give them what they want.

Q. When filming the fight scene, how therapeutic was it given how much the media has made over the rivalry?
A. I think it’ll be more therapeutic for people to watch who have fantasized about that happening. I know that this is not what you want to hear but I really never did have the desire to slap Tiffany in the face.

Q. Would you ever want to do some kind of musical tour with Tiffany?
A. I don’t know how Tiffany feels about this but I’ve always wanted to reestablish my next chapter in music before doing that. I’m somebody who takes one step at a time and I never say never. If something comes up and it interests her too I’m sure we would both entertain it. I think if it deterred us each from our individual musical goals then and it wasn’t right then we wouldn’t. So yes I’m open to it if it’s the right thing at the right time.

Q. What was it like doing this kind of movie that involve special-effects and green screen technology when you’re reacting to something that’s not even there, was that difficult for you?
A. I thought it was really fun. It goes back to when you’re a kid and you play and you use your imagination which I think is a blast. You’re picturing some giant creature that doesn’t exist. You have no idea what it’s really going to look like at the end. I still don’t know what the creatures look like. I’m going to be as surprised as anybody else. And you’re trying to work with your fellow actors so you’re seeing the same thing. For me I was channeling the dog that lives down the street from me that I always hear from behind a gate but that I don’t see and every time it scares the living daylights out of me when it growls when I walk by. You just tap into whatever it is that gets you to that place. It was just fun and imaginative.

Q. What advice would you give to young girls who are just starting to break into show business?
A. Stay open to doing all things, be versatile and make sure your chops are developed in every area to have a long sustainable career that’s why Tiffany and I are still here doing this because we’ve been able to be versatile and do new things. I know when the music trends were doing one thing I was able to go do Broadway. And here we are doing this Syfy film. It’s like you can always be challenged, be working and enjoying, there’s never a dull moment.

Q. Are you healed from all of what happened back in the day, the rivalry?
A. There was really never any rivalry to speak of. I used to always think fans can own more than one record, so why can’t they like both of us, why does there have to be a favorite? I just never understood that whole thing. I understood it from the point of media sensation but I didn’t really understand it. So yes, we are good. But again we’re just kind of playing out what – the supposed rivalry for the fans that kind of imagine there was, still want to believe there was and they’ll enjoy seeing this play out on film.

Q. You have remained relevant all these years. What’s sort of the secret to that?
A. First of all thank you. I feel like, the relevant thing comes and goes. It’s funny like ten years after releasing my first record I wasn’t cool. Then when 20 years goes by you’re relevant again and you’re cool again, things are just circular. I think the key is take a lesson from Cher. If you just keep doing what you do and wait for the type of comeback instead of selling out trying to be who you’re not and chasing trends. If you just do your thing and you stay in the game long enough then that relevance thing just keeps coming back around. I live in the real world. I know there’s always the image from back in the day of pop princesses living in the bubble kind of a thing. I have lived a lot of life and I will continue to live a lot of real life which keeps me connected to real people. Then you can always be relevant. You’re always going to be writing about things that people are actually living as opposed to being far removed.

Q. You are very well liked and you’ve avoided major controversies. Is that more difficult when you are well liked? Is there more pressure to not disappoint your fans?
A. When I did Playboy for example you say oh God people like to think of us as, virginal little teenagers and will this offend them. So there is more to think about when you do have a “likable” persona if you will. It’s almost easier to be scandalous and disliked because you can kind get away with anything you want. I think you take that into consideration but you can’t be restricted either by caring so much what people are going to think. However everybody grows, changes, evolves. I remember when Playboy came up I thought oh my God, like I proclaimed back in the day that nudity is bad and I would never do Playboy. If we all lived by things we said when we were 16 we would never grow. It definitely is its own challenge when you are likable and you do have a “certain image.” But for me I’ve chosen to not get stuck in that or let that really affect my choices to any great degree because at the end of the day I have to be happy with my choices and then people can like it or not.

Q. Who are your biggest inspirations and who would you want to work with most of all?
A. Not to state the obvious, but for me everybody in my genre wants to work with Dr. Luke. Personally because I think he’s probably the craftiest pop writer of our time. Growing up I idolized the piano man singer songwriters like Elton John and Billy Joel and the Broadway women like Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, people like that. I got to work with the late great Eartha Kitt in the tour of the musical Cinderella. She was an idol of mine. She was kicking her leg over her head still at 76 years old. People that go through all these phases in their careers and come out on top and remain youthful into their later years those are the examples I always use and the people that I admire.

Q. What was your favorite part or scene of working on this movie?
A. Mine is the whole big food fight scene, it goes down in history. It’s Three Stooges pies in the face. I think my most memorable moment was Tiffany and I ducked under a table. The stunt doubles were doing part of the scene. We were popping up doing part of the scene. I just remember looking at each other shaking our heads like how did we end up here? This is the weirdest, coolest, craziest thing. It was like meeting up with someone you haven’t seen since high school. We were in this absurd situation and that just made me giggle. It stands out for me.

Q. Do you watch your movies after you’ve made?
A. I normally hate it. I really do. I mean I really I don’t like to especially in film. I can watch myself back on Broadway footage or a video but film I get a little uncomfortable. I have to say in the looping session for this film I for the first time ever really looked at it and I went wow, I’m pleased with the way this came out. I’m happy with my work in this.

There you have it my interview with the infamous Debbie Gibson. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out her new movie.

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