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Posted by puguh on Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cafe World Guide, Tips, Cheats and Tricks - Cafe World, or any other Zynga game for that matter, start. Right now. You don’t know what you’re missing. Cafe World is like owning your own restaurant. You make food, serve it, and have a waitress/waiter serve it to guests to eat. Simple, yet amazing game. Just give it a try.

The Basics

Cafe World has a few things that you should generally know, much like all Zynga games, to let you understand the game a little better. This is basically a rundown of the layout of the game. Veteran players will not need to read this:

Your Cook: This is you. You operate as the cook of your Cafe. Customize as you want, just be sure to notice that some items cost coins to buy.

Your Waiter/Waitress: This is one of your friends. They will pick up food and serve your customers, as well as clean up after them.

Your Cafe: This is where your customers will come in, and this is the entire area of the game to customize and play in.

Coins: The currency of the game. COINS ARE NOT CASH.

Cash: The “pay to use” currency of the game. If you haven’t started playing or are new to Zynga games, don’t worry about this until later in the FAQ. It’s useless right now.

Buzz Rating: The score of your cafe. If guests enjoy your cafe, you get more. If they don’t, you get less. Lowest is 5 and highest is 105.

Experience/Level: The more experience, the more you’ll level. Like any game.

There are also key items in the game:
Stoves: The more stoves, the more food you can cook, and the farther you can go in the game. It is advised that you ALWAYS have AS MANY stoves as you can at ALL TIMES. There is no reason you shouldn’t. You start off with three (basically four) and you gain more as you level up.

Counters: These will hold the food you have cooked. You start off with three, and gain more as you level up. Each counter can hold one dish. However, it can hold multiples of the same dish. So, three bacon cheeseburgers can all fit on one counter.

Chairs: People sit in them.

Tables: Each table can hold one dish. Meaning, only one person can use a table. So, one table, one chair.

Now we’re going to go to the customize menus:

Customize: This is where you can buy tables, chairs, and aesthetic changes to your cafe, like wallpaper and floor tiles as well as plants and etc.

Functional: This is where you buy tables and counters. That’s it.

Expand: You can pay coins to buy upgrades to your cafe.

Manage Friends: This is where you change your employees. Don’t worry about it now, different employees don’t change anything in the game. It might change some popularity amongst your friends in real life, though. You can also access this menu by clicking on your employees (not your cook).

Change Clothes: This lets you change your cook’s clothes. You can also reach this menu by clicking on your cook.

Gifts: Your friends can send you these. They help you get coins based on how many customers are in your cafe.

Achievements: These aren’t released yet. I’ll update when they are released.

Starting Off

So, you’ve got a couple tables, a couple chairs, three stoves and three counters. You’ve also got a waitress and a cook. I can’t remember what is on your stoves, but I’m sure there were things on them. Anyways onto what to do.

This is how the general flow of things work:
Cook Things – Serve Things – Customers Come In – Waitress serves them – They eat and finish – They leave giving +Buzz and +Coins – Your waitress cleans up after them

That’s it. That’s the entire game. But it’s more addicting than anything you could imagine. Maybe not anything. So, in order to make this guide not jumble up quickly if it hasn’t already, I’m going to explain things in the order of that flow.


The joy of the game. Well for me anyways. Cooking is the essence of the game. To cook, you need a stove, and of course a mouse to click with on your computer.

Clicking on a clean stove will bring up the cookbook. The cookbook contains everything that you can cook. Because I know I got confused the first time around I’m going to give you an example and explain. Here’s the Bacon Cheeseburger:

Bacon Cheeseburger
Cost to Buy: 15
Sell For: 52
Servings: 13
Ready In: 5 minutes

To further explain;

Name of the Dish
Cost to Buy: The price to put on your stove and cook
Sell For: The entire dish (all of it’s servings) will sell for this amount.
Servings: The amount of customers that one of these dishes can hold.
Ready In: The time it takes to cook.

So, a Bacon Cheeseburger costs 15 coins to cook, and will take 5 minutes to cook. It will sell in total for 52 coins and will serve 13 people. That means 4 coins per serving (Sell For (52) / Servings (13)).

There is another hidden stat that you won’t be aware of, and that is spoil time. After a dish is done being cooked, you only have a certain amount of time to serve it before the food spoils. When a food spoils you lose it completely. The time it takes a food to spoil is 120% of the cook time. So, a bacon cheeseburger takes 5 minutes to cook, and 6 additional minutes to spoil. That’s 11 minutes total from the time it starts cooking to the time it spoils.

Each item has a different cost, cook time, amount of servings and sell value. You can find an invaluable spreadsheet of all items and information here:
Items and Informations Spreadsheet
I will explain later what to cook, when, later.

You will also need to prep before the cooktime starts. You will have to click on the stove to add and prep ingredients. Most cooked items will take three additional prep-clicks before the item starts cooking.

Servings and Customers

When something is done cooking, you can click on it and your cook will serve it. Once something has been served, it will take one more click on your stove to clean it so it can be ready to cook again. It costs 15 coins to clean your stove and you gain 1xp.

When served, the cooked food will be added to your counters. There are rules to the counters:
-Each counter can only hold one type of food.
-Multiple servings of the same meal can be stacked on one counter
-There is no limit to how many servings one counter can hold (that I know of)
So, if you’ve got five stoves with all Bacon Cheeseburgers, you can put all of them on one counter. But, if you’ve got Bacon Cheeseburgers and another meal on two stoves, you will need two counters.

As customers walk in, they will sit at a chair that is next to a table. One table can only support one customer. So, one table per chair. When a customer sits down your waitress will bring a dish of food (at random if more than one thing served) to the table. The waitress WILL NOT serve food if they cannot get to the table. There is an exploit to this trick which I will mention later.

It takes about half a minute for a guest to eat their food. Once eaten, the guest will leave and will most likely give you +.1 Buzz rating and the payment for the food they ate. The waitress will then clean up the leftover food/plate.

Angry customers will lower your buzz rating. There are two ways to make a customer angry:
-Don’t have enough seats/tables for the customer to get their meal.
-Don’t serve them food after a certain amount of time.
Angry customers are bad. Make sure you always have enough tables and make sure your waitress can reach every table quickly.

The Tips and Strategy for Cafe World

The actual schedule will vary based on how many stoves and tables you have in your cafe, but I find that as a general rule, you need around 400 – 500 servings to keep your guests happy for an hour. This number will very a lot based on how you set up your cafe, but as a rule of thumb ti should be a good starting point. This means that before you can start serving the more advanced dishes, you should build up a stock pile of faster dishes.

The hamburgers take only 5 minutes to make, but you only get 13 servings. Still, making about 100 burgers will give you time to make the fruit salad. The fruit salad is a great dish for new Cafe World players. It is fast to make, it takes just 15 minutes, and gives 100 servings. If you use all your stoves, you should be able to build up an hours stockpile of dishes in just 15 minutes. When playing, I always make as much fruit salad as I can, and right before I turn of the game for the night, I’ll start a dish that will take over night to be done. The fruit salad will keep the guests happy for at least a while, and when you get back to your game, the complicated dish will earn you some serious cafe points.

Once you have established a rotation of dishes, the huge serving sizes of the more complicated dishes means you don’t have to make fruit salads anymore if attending to the game every 15 minutes is too much. Money wise it will not make a big difference, but the cafe points will be a lot better for the dishes that take longer to make.
That is the basic playing strategy for Cafe World, there no need to worry about your chef or waiter getting tired or running out of ingredients, all you need to do is make sure you have dishes available for your guests.

With that out of the way, it’s time to explore some of the cheats that can help you score big in Cafe world. Like most of the new social games, you can send free gifts to your neighbors and friends in Cafe World. The gifts are capped at one free gift a day, but if you are playing using Firefox, you can send as many free gifts as you want.

The Cheats

Gift Cheats
To use the cheat, before you have given any gifts, right click on the ‘gifts’ tab on top of the game and select ‘open link in new browser’. This will open the gift giving screen in a new tab in your browser. Repeat this as many times as you’d like. I have tried the cheat with up to 20 different tabs without problems. Once you have all your tabs with the gift giving page open, go back to every single one and select the gift you want to give. Do this for every single tab without confirming the selection. Once you have done this for every single tab, go back again and confirm on each page, selecting who you want to send the gift to. Again, do not confirm the sending of the gift on this page. Do this in every tab again, and when you go back to your first tab, you should be able to confirm the gift and send it from each of your open tabs. This way you can send unlimited gifts to your friends, or if you’d like to receive unlimited gifts, create an alternate gifting account that can send you an abundance of any gift you would like.

Fast Waiter Cheats
Another very helpful cheat will let you serve and make food without your chef or waiter having to move to the different tables. To take advantage of this cheat, all you have to do is arrange the tables and counters so the waiter can’t get to the front of the tables. You can do this by either trapping the waiter in the corner behind the counters, or by placing the tables so they can’t be reached. Instead of giving up on serving, the waiter will get your guests a plate instantly when they sit down. Cleaning up works in the same magical way. This cuts down serving time to nothing and allows amazing amounts of guests to be served. In fact, this set up is so efficient that you will have a hard time keeping enough food in stock. If you keep on your toes and make fruit salad constantly, you will just be able to keep up with demand. The upside is that you will see the money rolling in and your buzz rating will be topped out in no time.

Follow these tips and cheats and you will soon be running the fanciest cafe in Cafe World.

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