DotA 6.69 Quick Update by IceFrog

Posted by puguh on Friday, September 24, 2010

DotA 6.69 Development Update. Recently, IceFrog has blogged a quick update of DotA 6.69 to let us know that development has already been started and it will not take much time as DotA 6.68 took. As usual, he asked for the feedback for the upcoming changes in DotA 6.69. For e.g. Balancing, Items, Loading Screen etc.

IceFrog Blog: 6.69 - Quick Update:

Development is underway on the next patch. It won't take as long to release as the previous version did. Please send me your feedback on 6.68 along with what you'd like to see in DotA 6.69!

Dota 6.69 Download Link

Dota 6.69 Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.69 Download - GetDota Mirror

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